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... that the bot “feels a little like [a] human, but a little like something else.” You can watch the entire gameplay below. Source: The Verge  The post Elon Musk’s OpenAI defeats world’s best ...
2. Jetpack pilot in flight across Royal Docks
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
A former commercial pilot, hoping to raise funds to develop an electric jetpack, has been showing how humans really can fly. Read Full Article  ...
3. Time for 'holistic transformation' in AFP: expert
(NEWS BLOG/Philippines News Blog)
... the advancement of human resources. Read Full Article  ...
Some 20 million poor Bangladeshis are still drinking water contaminated with arsenic, two decades after the potentially deadly toxin was discovered in the supply, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.  ...
The United States plans to increase the number of military and humanitarian drills it conducts in the Asia-Pacific as part of a new strategy to counter China's rapid expansion in the South China Sea, the ...
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
7. Humanities to be taught in K to 12 at XU
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
8. CHR gives cash aid to standoff fire victims
(NEWS BLOG/Zamboanga News Blog)
Advance Options Attach image:  No THE Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has allocated P10 million to provide financial assistance ...
9. Dyson Award for wearable robotic arm
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
A battery-powered robotic arm that increases human strength has won the James Dyson award for problem-solving inventions. Read Full Article  ...
10. Groups call for humanitarian ceasefire in Zambo siege
(NEWS BLOG/Cagayan de Oro News Blog)
Advance Options Attach image:  No AS THE siege of Zamboanga City deepens, several groups have called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to ease civilian suffering, if not, for the ...
(NEWS BLOG/Mindanao News Blog)
... rther institutionalizing Draconian measures that curtail human rights and fundamental freedoms. We note that bombings usually lead to the militarization of urban centers, an example of w ...
... ities betrays as its loss. Robots do not have discernment, a fundamental flaw in war and in any other human activity. Thus, this drone warfare has killed so many civilians, most of them women and chi ...
14. Seguridad sa Gensan gipahugtan
(NEWS BLOG/General Santos News Blog)
15. Gensan - - 2013-08-19 14:59:47
(NEWS BLOG/General Santos News Blog)
...  EVERYTHING in this world is a dance. Every second of everyday is movement. Everything that has life moves. The dancer is the purest expression of life, in human form or in ...
17. Duterte gives Aquino 8.5 rating
(NEWS BLOG/Davao News Blog)
... ten," Duterte told reporters in an interview at the City Hall Monday afternoon. "At least the human endeavor is there. He is really doing it as he promised," the mayor said. However, Duterte said he ...
18. Why boxing is my dear, beloved mistress (Photos)
(NEWS BLOG/Pacquiao News Blog)
CHICAGO -- By the time I got to the Chicago Theatre around 4:20 yesterday afternoon, a sea of humanity had already wrapped all over this city's famo ... Read Full Article  ...
19. UN mulls ethics of 'killer robots'
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
The ethics surrounding so-called killer robots will come under scrutiny as a report is presented to the UN's Human Rights Council in Geneva. Read Full Article  ...
20. VIDEO: UN mulls ethics of 'killer robots'
(NEWS BLOG/Technology Today)
The UN Human Rights Council has heard an appeal for a moratorium on the use of so-called 'killer robots'. Read Full Article  ...
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